I’m the Clare of Clare Designs, and it’s lovely to have you here!

To be honest, an 'About' page isn't something I really thought was that important to have on the site.

But I called this business Clare Designs for a reason - because I wanted it to be obvious that there was a person behind everything. I wanted it to be a reflection and a part of me that I could share with everyone I worked with.

So hello! I’m the designer, admin gal, researcher, sales manager, accountant, marketing manager, tea bitch, social media gal and everything else that this business needs to survive, and I've been doing all of this out of my spare room since January 2019 🙌🏼

I started out doing all the wedding stationery for my friends and family as my gift to them, and learned most of what I do from night classes at college, the good old 'practice makes perfect' approach, and of course the wonderful world of YouTube tutorials 😅

Aside from designing, friends and family, I love waterfalls, oat milk lattes and pink gin (but with lemonade, apparently that's controversial). My emails are full of emojis and exclamation marks, and I'm partial to the odd true crime binge on the ole' Netflix.

I also love a good holiday - but who the hell doesn't. Here I am on holiday in Madrid a few years ago. I got that Fanta by asking the man at the stand for ‘uno Fanta naranja s’il vous plait’, which was apparently quite the faux pas.

And that hopefully gives you enough of an insight into me for now 🙌🏼 if you fancy a chat please don't be a stranger and pop me a message on my Insta, FB or by old fashioned email.

Have a lovely day!

Clare ♥️ xx